Grow faster with us,

get financed with invoice discounting

Through services of cashflow management such as invoice forfaiting, Halliday Growth helps unlock value in your business quickly 

Why consider invoice discounting

  • Access Funding

    Receive access to capital by bringing forward revenues

  • Increase Revenue

    Bid for, win and deliver more jobs with more funding

  • Reduce Costs

    Only bear the cost for funding you use, while you use it

  • Keep Control

    You can avoid dilution of your equity or control

  • Maintain Flexibility

    Avoid on-balance-sheet debt and keep your options open to use additional funding sources at the same time

Why Halliday Growth

Fast approval

Funds release within 24 hours from the second financing onwards

Flexible timing and size

Access to increasing sums of money at lower rates as we get to know you better over time

Customer support

A designated, human application manager to support your online application.

Market insights

Get access to a broad view of the market and share deep, original insights with our clients.

Key principles

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