HALLIDAY GROWTH is a UAE-based, non-bank trade finance provider that delivers innovative solutions to unlock working capital. HALLIDAY GROWTH blends advice & expertise based on decades of successful entrepreneurial experience and investment structuring to unlock value in your business. We then invest on pre-agreed terms with this new value as security.

Our Mission

“To unlock the potential of small businesses by tailoring professional quality management support and investment.”


At HALLIDAY GROWTH, we have implemented and maintained a dual-level commitment to being responsible corporate citizens and positive contributors to the global community from day one.


We lead by example by committing to treat our staff fairly, our clients honorably, and service providers respectfully. We adopt environmentally friendly practices that are practical and focus our support on an often-overlooked market section. We are committed to supporting a diverse range of clients and empowering underprivileged or disenfranchised citizenry. An example is prioritizing investment for women-owned or led businesses when they meet our investment standards. We embrace equality and inclusion as a tenet of our identity, follow responsible business practices and standards, and give back our time, money, and resources to our communities through philanthropy, volunteering, and personal engagement.


We focus our support on businesses that demonstrate strong business ethics. Our due diligence preferences are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Having said this, our consideration extends beyond this to areas such as their employment and treatment of staff and the impact of their product on the community. We also go to great lengths to ensure we comply with KYC/AML and other compliance standards required to support sound Corporate Governance.


This approach drives positive impacts across our stakeholders, both internal and external. Ultimately, we work together to positively impact the world whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Whether we’re donating funds to non-profits, investing in social impact start-ups, using our skills to help them grow, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, HALLIDAY GROWTH makes giving back a high priority.


HALLIDAY GROWTH also provides the legal structure, capital, and management oversight to existing platforms across the UAE that seek to offer their networks access to capital without diluting their equity or going to the bank.


The key benefits for our white label partners include:

  • Increased revenue through factoring and related value-add services.
  • Increased service range and support for clients, extending client life cycles.
  • Increased brand awareness and prestige of being the “financier.”


As a white label partner, your clients only see your brand providing factoring services, and we present as part of your team and seamlessly integrate into your corporate infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’re focused on helping startups and SMEs with their cash flow challenges. If you offer them three months or fewer payment terms, we are interested in bridging this gap.

Winning business models with excellent management and secured client contracts do not depend on a long operating history. Your business can even be less than three months old, and we will still consider the application.

We believe in entrepreneurship and experienced management. You are the best person to run your business. We are an investment company at heart, and our requirements/procedures are all designed around making your business more secure and profitable.

We review every business on a case-by-case basis, and we can’t invest in every industry that applies. We help direct the focus towards revenue generation, restructuring, and secure business, and we want to support as many as possible safely.

Our funding model is not focused on taking equity. As a forfaiting investment business, we want to be involved for a limited time to help you grow large enough to self-fund or access traditional sources of leverage.

If you are an established customer with pre-approval, funding can be accessed within three weeks. If this is your first time seeking investment from us, investment can take up to 6 weeks.

We assess this on a case-by-case basis. We prefer both companies to be in UAE, but notable exceptions can be made if additional criteria can be met.

Every opportunity not taken is an opportunity missed. Yes, reach out to us. If we are not a fit for you, we might know someone who is!

Absolutely! Even though we offer a full range of business consultation services (funding being part of that), if you are only interested in funding, then yes, we are happy to look at working with you.

Sure! There’s are lots of ways to help us and support our mission. From becoming a staff member in our growing team to joining as a partner in the business to finding ethical businesses for us to help, there are many ways to get involved.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.