Investment Solution


Our investment solutions platform allows our clients to invest with confidence, navigate uncertainty, and explore potential possibilities in all market situations.

It’s encouraged to use all the services as they are part of a process to maximize the potential of your business. With decades of investing and running businesses, we know what works. Cash flow management is king, and we focus on boosting that area of your business.

We’ve seen the struggles of many startups and SMEs trying to access financial support while avoiding equity dilution. Especially in today’s market, only the biggest and strongest companies have reliable access to capital, resulting in a consolidation of the market in favor of the conglomerates. Our process is designed to specifically de-risk investing in startups and SMEs and support the growth of these businesses in the years to come.

Some businesses may only need the 4th option of investment or a combination of the services, and we are still excited to support you. Every business is unique, and we assess each business case by case. Learn more

Invoice Forfaiting

It’s a simple process and easy to execute. Once your business has been onboarded and set up, getting rolling invoices approved takes less than 48 hours.

How does forfaiting work?

Instead of waiting for your customers to pay their invoices, invoice Forfaiting provides immediate cash you can use to achieve your business objectives. Stop waiting to get paid on your invoices.

How does Cash Flow tie your sales?

With cash flow tied to your sales (invoices), you can take advantage of growth opportunities, including new sales and marketing initiatives, equipment for expansion, securing new accounts, and additional inventory.


Use the cash from account receivable financing to qualify for cash discounts from your suppliers and eliminate the overhead of the collection process.


HALLIDAY GROWTH also provides the legal structure, capital, and management oversight to existing platforms across the UAE that seek to offer their networks access to capital without diluting their equity or going to the bank.


The key benefits for our white label partners include:

  • Increased revenue through factoring and related value-add services.
  • Increased service range and support for clients, extending client life cycles.
  • Increased brand awareness and prestige of being the “financier.”


As a white label partner, your clients only see your brand providing factoring services, and we present as part of your team and seamlessly integrate into your corporate infrastructure.

With Halliday Growth you can

Improved cash flow and working capital

Capitalise on opportunities

Reduce operating expenses

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